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New STC Glass Packages

Posted Feb 28, 2020


Effective Monday, March 2, MI Windows and Doors is changing our Sound Transmission Class (STC) glass package offering and simplifying how they are ordered in Paradigm for products manufactured in Pennsylvania and Texas. The goal of these changes is to eliminate the need for single laminated glass and to make it easier for customers to choose the STC package that best fits their needs. 
This new system will allow STC requirements to be achieved with the click of a button in Paradigm. When placing an order, a Paradigm user can select the desired STC rating and the glass package will default to what is required to meet that rating on the particular product being ordered. If no STC package is requested, then the user will choose the “No” button. See the image below for an example.


Example: 3500 STC Options in Paradigm

Under this new system, all STC packages will have a lead time of four weeks. The packages will consist of glass panels with the following thicknesses:

  • Double-pane glass with 1/8” and 3/16” glass.
    • Low-E options of 7036 or 5527 are available with this package.
  • Double-pane glass with 1/8” and ¼” glass. (Replacing the 1/8-Single Laminated glass package)
    • Low-E options of 270 or 366 are available with this package.
    • Picture windows over a certain size will require 5/32” glass in place of the 1/8” glass.
  • Double-pane with both pieces being laminated glass.   
    • Low-E options of 270 or 366 are available with this package.

We have a new STC reference chart available on our website with the products that testing is complete on. As additional testing is complete, the chart will be updated to include those values.

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