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Launch of Black Interior on 1600 Series Windows and Doors

Posted Feb 20, 2020


In response to the continuing popularity of black windows, MI Windows and Doors is excited to announce the availability of black interior paint on most 1600 Series products. Products with a black interior allow homeowners and designers to achieve the popular modern farmhouse and industrial styles that have been growing in popularity.

The black interior option will be available in Paradigm to start quoting on Monday, March 30. This option will be available on the 1650 Double-Hung, 1665 Awning, 1675 Casement, 1685 Double-Slider, and 1600 series picture windows and sliding glass doors. It will not be available on the 1620 Single-Hung or 1630 Single-Slider. Initial orders for black interior paint will require an eight-week lead time.

This black interior paint is only available on products ordered with black exterior paint. The upcharge for black interior paint is the same as the current exterior paint charge. Therefore, the paint adder will double for products featuring both interior and exterior paint.

Grids will be offered with a black interior and black exterior to match the window frame. The following grid profiles will be offered: 5/8” flat, 7/8” flat, and 11/16” sculptured grids-between-the-glass and 1” simulated divided light. The SDL option is not available on the 1600 series sliding glass door.

As a result of this change, MI’s current black exterior paint with a smooth and satin finish will change to black with a slight texture and matte finish. We will be offering replacement color ring samples to update the black option for any existing color rings in the field. 

Throughout months of planning and testing, the black interior paint underwent over 1,000 sash movement cycles with no noticeable wear. As part of the painting process, the sash is removed. If the sash on a product seems difficult to lift, ensure the pivot bar is properly engaged in the cam of the balance. 

In the coming weeks, you can expect to receive resources to help sell products with this new option. At this time, we are not yet accepting orders for samples with a black interior.

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