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Corner Configurations for 100 Series Door

Posted Jan 21, 2020

In an ongoing effort to create products that seamlessly blend interior and exterior spaces, MI Windows is offering a new outside corner configuration on our 100 Series Door. This change will allow the door to fully open a corner of the room without the need for a corner support structure.

This optional configuration, which will be available to order beginning Monday, Feb. 3, is available in white, clay, and bronze. It is also available with the same grids and hardware as all other 100 Series doors. In addition, it comes with an optional secondary lock.

The corner configuration for the 100 Series Door is available in finless and flange frames only and it achieves a DP 50 rating with the 3-1/2" tall sill riser. The corner configuration is not available with the StormArmor impact-resistant product option. The Florida approval number is 28297.

Currently, this corner option comes in the following two stock sizes:

  • 9-0 wide x 8-0 high by 5-0 wide x 8-0 high
  • 16-0 wide x 10-0 high by 12-0 wide x 10-0 high

Additional sizes will be offered in the future

In addition, MI will offer corner pocket doors beginning Monday, March 2. These corner pocket frames will ship without frame jambs. The sizes for the corner pocket doors are:

  • 120: 6-0 wide x 8-0 high by 9-0 wide x 8-0 high
  • 130: 6-0 wide x 8-0 high by 12-0 wide x 8-0 high – AND – 8-0 wide x 8-0 high by 12-0 wide x 8-0 high

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