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Black SuperCapSR

Posted Mar 20, 2018

Photo of MI Windows Black SuperCapSR Exterior Color

MI Windows and Doors will soon offer black SuperCapSR on our HomeMaker3 flush-flange windows and EnergyCore Multi-Slide doors. The black SuperCapSR is now offered in nearly the entire HomeMaker3 Series – products which are ideal for renovation-and-replacement projects as well as newly built homes. This color option is available on the exterior only and can be ordered beginning Monday, April 2.

For the Multi-Slide doors, black will be available on two-, three-, and four-track configurations. The door frame is painted white and comes standard with black exterior trim. Black jamb and head covers are also available for an additional fee.

Dark-colored windows and doors continue to grow in popularity, in part because they provide stark contrast to lighter-colored siding materials that are also very popular. This is most apparent in the growing “Modern Farmhouse” trend, where white siding is being paired with black, bronze, or other dark-colored windows.

SuperCapSR co-extrusion exterior color technology is a scratch-resistant, molecularly fused color layer that reflects up to 76 percent of infrared light, helping to prevent heat build-up and frame distortion caused by high outdoor temperatures and extreme sun and UV exposure. The tough acrylic color layer is highly resistant to scratching, chipping, and chalking, and is 12x harder than applied paints.

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