Precision Built

Down to the Smallest Detail

At MI Windows and Doors, we strive to deliver quality windows and quality service to every customer. Whether you are looking for vinyl replacement windows, or new windows and sliding glass doors for your new construction project, we want to give you the products and experience you deserve - easy, dependable, and 100% trouble-free. 

Pursuing 100% — Every Day, Every Order

“Good enough” is never good enough for us, because everything we do is focused on one number: 100%. That means getting it right, down to the smallest detail — in every window manufactured and every customer experience.

We continually refine all aspects of our business, delivering performance, quality and innovation on a daily basis. With millions of windows manufactured each year, our commitment to 100% is no small mission — it’s a testament to our way of business — in production, delivery and end-to-end service.

Precision Graphic

Easy Ordering

No matter how big or small your order, we’re ready to fulfill it. We continually invest in our sales team and infrastructure to make the job easier. From easy online ordering to helpful and responsive service and support, you can be confident you’ll get what you want, when you want it.

Complete Quality Control

We perform audits every hour, on every line, in every plant across the country, to help ensure our windows are tested, AAMA-certified, and feature-complete—so that installing them and living with them is a joy.

On-Time Delivery

We have exceptional quality controls in place to help ensure all orders are delivered directly to your site on-time, accurate and complete.

Trouble-Free Guarantee

We confidently stand behind our products with our comprehensive warranty and ongoing support. If something should come up, contact us and count on a timely resolution. That’s our trouble-free guarantee!