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It's important to find a window supplier you can depend on – one who understands your needs and operates under the assumption that a partnership is only successful if everyone involved is successful.

If you’re in the market for a window supplier or are interested in making a change from your current supplier, consider partnering with MI. Your success is our success. We are committed to providing our dealers and their customers with the best service, on-time deliveries, highest quality windows and product options.

5 things to consider when choosing a window supplier


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Culture & Focus

There are many benefits to partnering with a large manufacturer as long as their size is balanced with focus and care to make you and the needs of your business a priority.

You deserve a partner whose way of doing business caters to your needs and aligns with your business model. An organization with active and engaged owners, such as MI, yields an approachable team who is able to quickly adapt based on your unique requirements.

If you want the best windows, partner with a supplier who focuses only on windows, because it's all they do and they are experts. They probably geek out about even the smallest details, and that's good for you and your business.


Our dealers are an integral part of the MI culture. Contact us to learn more about MI's culture and the benefits of becoming an MI dealer today.

Shipping & Delivery

Getting there on time – and getting it right

The right window supplier will get you the windows you want, when you want them, because having products that arrive on time is essential to keeping your projects on track, on budget, and successful. A delayed order or an order that isn’t complete, will slow down construction, frustrate your customer, and cost you valuable time and money. 


MI's 98% on-time, accurate and complete track record will not let you down. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you deliver orders to your customers on-time every time.

Quality & Testing

Today’s window products have to be able to perform in a variety of conditions - from every day use to some of the most extreme acts of nature. 

Government agencies, code bodies, and certification organizations like AAMA and NFRC establish baseline requirements, but most importantly, your customers demand the highest levels of quality. To meet these needs, the best manufacturers have strict processes and protocol to ensure that every product is properly designed and tested to exceed the highest standards. From visual inspections on the production floor to air, water, and structural tests conducted on state-of-the-art test walls, no aspect of a window and its performance should be left unchecked.


MI exceeds requirements by testing every component of the window, including door and window roller durability, balancer cycle durability, argon gas retention, weathering and so much more. Your customers deserve the best quality windows.

Corner Weld Strength Test Icon Deglazing Icon Forced entry test icon Structural integrity test icon Water penetration test icon Icon for air infiltration test Icon for MI's Committment to argon retention testing Icon for MI's Committment to accelerated weathering testing Icon for MI's Committment to Component Compatibility testing


Contact us to learn more about MI's quality and testing standards. 

Product Options

Make sure your window supplier is on top of the latest trends, offering the variety and flexibility to satisfy even the most savvy and stylish homeowner.  MI has the product options to achieve the current styles and trends.

MI's replacement windows include many upgraded style options as well as accessories to increase efficiency, performance, security and convenience. When evaluating window suppliers, make sure they have the styles that are trending today, such as exterior color options, modern grid options, multiple Low-E glass coatings, blinds between-the-glass and more. Do they offer these options at a price point that will fit your customer's budget? 

 Multi-slide door in dining room

Contact us to learn more about how MI can help you deliver on the window styles your customers are looking for.

Resources & Support

We'll support you and your team the whole way.

A true partnership is about more than transactional product sales. The best window suppliers offer unmatched service before, during, and after the sale to complement their high-quality products. MI works hand-in-hand with our dealers to provide comprehensive support, which includes:

  • Responsive inside and outside sales professionals
  • Knowledgeable and proactive field service and CustomerCare teams
  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Comprehensive training programs
  • Sales & Marketing Support
    • Lead-generation
    • Market intelligence
    • Product literature, samples, and displays

Make sure your window manufacturer demonstrates an understanding of your business and what it takes to create a winning partnership.

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“Good enough” is never good enough for us, because everything we do is focused on one number: 100%. That means getting it right, down to the smallest detail. With millions of windows manufactured each year, our commitment to 100% is no small mission. It’s a testament to our way of business – in production, delivery, and end-to-end service.