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Aluminum and Vinyl Window Styles

Here at MI Windows and Doors, we manufacture the frames, sills, and sashes of our windows and doors using one of two materials – aluminum or vinyl. With a variety of vinyl and aluminum window styles to choose from, you’re able to select the best windows and doors for your specific needs. Our vinyl and aluminum window options deliver advantages. When comparing vinyl vs. aluminum windows, utilize the information below to determine which material best suits your needs. Most of our windows are available with multiple interior and exterior color options for anyone looking for a more customized, personalized look.

The window market has been trending in favor of vinyl for quite some time; however, aluminum windows still have a rightful place in the residential window market. Both vinyl windows and aluminum windows have their advantages. When comparing vinyl vs. aluminum windows, one must consider several factors, including geographic location, climate, structural and energy performance requirements, as well as the desired aesthetic.






Aluminum windows and doors are valued for their combination of light weight, durability, strength, and affordability. Aluminum windows offer more structural strength than most other residential window materials, providing for more design flexibility and configuration options.

Even in its unfinished state, aluminum is a corrosion-resistant metal, so you do not have to worry about premature material degradation when installing aluminum windows. For additional protection or added aesthetics, aluminum windows can be painted (we offer bronze as a standard color option).

With minimal maintenance required, the ability to be painted, and the inherent strength of the metal, these windows provide a great option for those looking for large glass expanses and viewing areas coupled with higher structural performance ratings. Aluminum windows resist cracking, peeling and warping under the sun's heat. However, aluminum windows do not hold heat well, so they are most practical in the warmer parts of the country where cold temperatures are not common or factors in the decision-making process.

Aluminum windows are also very affordable, and are a great option when upfront costs are a concern.

Aluminum windows are only available out of our Flower Mound, TX manufacturing facility.




Vinyl windows are the most popular and widely installed types of windows and doors available today, making up nearly 66% of the entire residential window market. Vinyl products require very little maintenance and are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors.

Made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl windows are constructed from a stable material that will not warp or flex and are highly weather resistant even in the most extreme conditions. They are also resistant to bugs, cracking, and peeling and will not rust, splinter or rot.

Vinyl windows first grew in popularity due to their energy-efficient attributes, which are superior when compared to most other window materials. When combined with high insulating glass packages, vinyl windows can help reduce energy costs in all climate zones.

More recently, vinyl windows are available in a growing number of colors and finishes, adding to the versatility of their usage. Multiple extruded colors, laminates (solid colors and woodgrain appearances), and exterior painted options now exist. These extensive color options make vinyl windows even more practical for a variety of applications and aesthetic tastes.

For contractors, builders, and do-it-yourselfers, vinyl windows are a lightweight option that is easy to handle and install. In addition to energy efficiency, this ease of use is a major reason for their continued popularity and market share growth.

Vinyl windows are typically less expensive than other materials used to manufacture residential windows, such as wood and composites.

Vinyl windows are available out of all our manufacturing facilities (Arizona, Pennsylvania, and Texas).


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