At MI, safety is our number one priority, and many of the options below are designed to keep you and your family safe. We also believe that window hardware should accentuate – not detract – from the aesthetic and ease of use, so we created hardware with this goal in mind. Our window night latches and window opening control devices (WOCDs) help to prevent accidental falls, and most of our window and door hardware can be custom color-matched to go with your window's and home's style so you don't have to sacrifice a sophisticated look to keep your family safe and sound. 

Review the information below to learn more about the hardware options for your windows or sliding glass doors.



Door Handles

Standard Style

Each sliding glass door manufactured by Ml Windows and Doors is fitted with a handle that complements its style. Standard handles are equipped with interior locking mechanisms and are factory- or field-installed. Additionally, handles can be upgraded on certain models to include exterior locks. In the Eastern region, the lnstinct® handle is an available option on certain sliding glass door models.

KeyLock Handle

Key Lock Handles

Added Safety

Our standard handles can be upgraded with a key lock cylinder to allow the door to be locked from both the inside and the outside. With the added safety and convenience of an external lock, your sliding glass door can be more than you originally planned.


Vent Latch

Stylish Safety

The vent latch is used to prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches. This helps to prevent accidental falls by children through fully open windows and also allows for ventilation while lessening the risk of home intrusion. Vent latches can be added to already installed windows.

Available only on certain products.


Window Opening Control Device

Safety Security Peace of Mind.

A Window Opening Control Device (WOCD) is an option available for some MI windows designed to restrict the opening of a sash to less than 4" to lessen the risk of accidental falls. A WOCD can be released to allow the sash to fully open for emergency escape and rescue. Some IRC and lBC editions have minimum sill height requirements for certain window openings, with use of a WOCD as one exception. Building codes vary by jurisdiction: consult your local code to determine if a WOCD is appropriate for your application. WOCDs are effective only if properly installed and remain engaged except in cases of emergency. Installers should follow MI installation instructions. Occupants should be familiar with and follow MI's important safety information. MI's WOCDs have been tested for compliance with ASTM F 2090. Contact your distributor or MI for availability of factory or field installed WOCDs for your windows.

For more information on window safety, visit the AAMA website. *WOCD pictured may not represent device for your product.


Tilt Latches

Ease and Convenience

Tilt latches are put in place to provide ease and convenience. Instead of having to wash the exterior of the window from the outside, the tilt latches can be released and the window can be tilted in, allowing the exterior glass to be accessed from inside the home.


Folding Operator Handle

Fold-in Convenience

Casement and awning windows are beautiful ways to allow light and airflow into the home. However, regular operator handles on awning and casement windows can be intrusive and bulky, interfering with window treatments and extruding into the living space. The handle allows for effortless operation and folds back on itself when in both fully open and fully closed positions, keeping the handle tucked stylishly away.

Nickel Handle

Custom Hardware Colors

Custom Style

While standard hardware is color-matched to the window or door color, nickel and bright brass are both stylish options available to help your window or door fit within the style of your home. Talk to your MI sales representative to discuss which options are available for your chosen products.


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