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Finding your perfect window or comparing our products is made easier by using these icons as quick references. The graphics below designate special features that our windows and doors are equipped with. Icons with our characteristic MI red show what qualities come standard for the products they label, while the gray icons indicate optional enhancements. All of these icons are intended to ensure that you get the best windows and patio doors for your specific and unique project.


Energy Star

Energy Star

MI works hard to deliver products that keep you comfortable as well as save you money, and our commitment to producing ENERGY STAR- qualified products is just one of the ways we work towards that goal. The products that appear with this logo have met third-party certification based on testing in EPA-recognized labs. Most MI vinyl windows and doors are ENERGY STAR-qualified for all four regions, and many do not even require upgrades to achieve the rating. With the purchase of ENERGY STAR windows, you may be eligible for an ENERGY STAR tax credit. 


Warm-edge Spacer System

Warm-edge spacer systems provide ideal comfort regardless of climate. Whether you live in Allentown, PA or Albuquerque, NM, Tampa, FL or Tacoma, WA, a warm-edge spacer system is determined to keep you comfortable while enhancing the overall performance of the insulated glass unit (IGU). The spacer provides a moisture barrier between the panes of glass, double-pane or triple-pane, which enhances energy efficiency and reduces the possibility of fogging. And by keeping the outside air out, the warm-edge spacer system is committed to saving you money. 



With extreme weather events seemingly becoming commonplace, impact-resistant glass is the latest ingenuity to protect against the elements. Having survived the strictest experiments that an AAMA-certified testing lab can dish out – including being struck at speeds in excess of 35 miles per hour – impact-resistant glass is committed to protecting you and your family during extreme weather events. Featuring laminated glass panes, our impact-resistant vinyl and aluminum windows and patio doors reduce the possibility that a home’s windows and door will be breached during a storm.


High Performance

Windows and doors marked with the high performance label are designed to maximize durability, safety, energy efficiency, and thermal performance. With a package of features that may include foam enhancement, warm-edge spacer systems, multi-chambered frames and sashes, metal reinforcements, laminated glass, or others, rest assured that high-performance doors and windows will deliver.


Top Seller

Our windows and doors designated top sellers reflect a window or door’s popularity and reliability with builders, contractors, architects, and homeowners. While no special add-on is designated to our top-selling doors and windows, you can have confidence that choosing one of these products puts you in the company of experienced and knowledgeable professionals. 


Glass Breakage Warranty

MI has you covered. On select products, we offer a lifetime glass breakage warranty. As long as you are the original purchaser of the window and the property owner, MI will send a sealed dual-pane or triple-pane replacement glass unit for a broken or cracked window. This warranty does not expire, though some conditions and exclusions apply.


Painted Exterior

With eight colors to choose from, painted exteriors offer the chance to customize your home. The environmentally friendly, water-based coatings meet EPA requirements while also containing heat-reflective pigments to minimize heat gain on the frame. The oven-baked application of the paint ensures the durability of the color and coating, preventing cracking, fading, peeling, and blistering as well as making the product scratch-resistant. Each color option is available with matching grids and screen to create a polished, cohesive style for many of our popular new construction and replacement windows and patio doors.


Foam Enhanced

Foam enhancement in the mainframe is an optional feature on select vinyl windows. Insulating foam is injected into the mainframe to enhance thermal and structural performance, helping ensure you get the best window at the best value. 


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