Meet Our 2018 Interns

We strive to make the best windows and doors in America. If a company wants that kind of success in today’s business world, it needs a fresh set of eyes every now and then. That’s what we strive for with our internship program at MI Windows and Doors: We want talented, motivated young people to shake the shackles of academia off for a brief time, roll their sleeves up, and get to work bringing fresh energy to our company.

We want to make sure that our internship program is mutually beneficial, which is why we ask experienced supervisors to oversee our interns and help guide them throughout their experience. Since beginning the intern program in 2016, we’ve been helped immensely by the input of these bright young minds.

Read on to hear the stories of how our interns help MI Windows and Doors create the finest windows, doors, and experiences every day, everywhere.



Mohit_ResizedMohit, Summer 2018 Quality Intern
Hometown: Mumbai, India

The University of Texas at Arlington, Industrial Engineering

"I enjoyed this opportunity. I enjoyed talking to the operators, getting to know their experiences, working on interesting and breakthrough projects, and let’s not forget the Texas summer! The experience is more than what I expected."

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Ryan_ResizedRyan, Summer 2018 Human Resources Intern
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA

Penn State University, Labor and Employment Relations

"I really got a sense for how much MI cares about the people that work for the company; especially with the involvement with the community through the charitable foundation."

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Carlos_ResizedCarlos, Summer 2018 Tool and Die Intern
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA

Eastfield College, CADD/CAM CNC Machining

"I enjoyed everything from learning new things to meeting 
the staff. I think this internship program makes a difference within the company, and makes a difference for the interns who are part of the program. This has been a wonderful experience and I would to it over and over again."

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Helen_ResizedHelen, Summer 2018 Safety Intern
Hometown: Clifton Heights, PA

Millersville University, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health

"I’m not afraid to ask anything, but at MI, I could even go to the general manager and he would stop everything to help me. Everyone would do that, and that’s what this company is all about - helping. I received an amazing experience at MI and I enjoyed the entire team at the Hegins plant."

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Pratheep_ResizedPratheep, Summer 2018 Engineering Intern
Hometown: Chennai, India

University at Buffalo, SUNY, Industrial and Systems Engineering

"The workload assigned to me was highly balanced with detailed guidance from my superiors. The fact that MI has so much to offer in terms of learning, culture, safety, and many other industrial aspects makes it the best place to be a part of."

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Rebecca_ResizedRebecca, Summer 2018 Safety Intern
Hometown: Exton, PA

Millersville University, Occupational Safety and Environmental Health

"Once a month the safety team members from all the facilities get together and discuss the different things they have done to improve their facilities. I got to see what everybody was working on and how they were helping each other make the facilities safe. I also really enjoyed helping the MI Profiles facility prepare its application for VPP."

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Robert_ResizedRobert, Summer 2018 Quality Intern
Hometown: Lockhart, Texas

Susquehanna University, Business Economics

I really enjoyed the conversations and personalities of all the operators. They are super genuine and honest people who love what they do and work extremely hard. They have a serious passion for where they work and what they make.

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Cole_ResizedCole, Summer 2018 Engineering Intern
Hometown: Gratz, PA

Alfred University, Mechanical Engineering

I really liked my mentors. They were pretty relatable and it wasn't a high stress environment. The thing I enjoyed most in my time at MI was the interesting and challenging projects I was given to work on.

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Josh_ResizedJosh, Summer 2018 Safety Intern
Hometown: Valliant, Oklahoma

Southeastern Oklahoma State University, Occupational Safety and Health

"I enjoyed g
etting to know my fellow coworkers and learning the everyday tasks of a safety professional. I know the book stuff, but as far as applying it to everyday situations - that’s what I gained.

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Randi_ResizedRandi, Summer 2018 Engineering Intern
Hometown: Fairview Heights, Illinois

Murray State University, Engineering Graphics and Design

The more I read about MI and saw how close-knit the company was, I began to fall in love. I really enjoyed learning to use a new program called SolidWorks Composer to make new instruction manuals for customers and factory assemblies.

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Reid_ResizedReid, Summer 2018 Engineering Intern
Hometown: Otis, Colorado

Colorado School of Mines, Mechanical Engineering

I worked on many projects that allowed me to use what I’ve learned in school and apply it in an actual engineering setting - the flow box was actually a direct application of fluid dynamics. Also, how to network with other companies. I enjoyed the progressive mindset of everyone in the department to constantly improve ”

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Neha_ResizedNeha, Summer 2018 Quality Intern
Hometown: Mumbai, India

Texas A&M University, Industrial and Systems Engineering

I was looking forward to applying my industrial engineering knowledge in a manufacturing setting. I liked the product line at MI and saw that it was a relatively newer plant in Texas, so there were more chances for process improvement. After coming here, I liked the culture of the company and it is fun to work here

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Dustin_ResizedDustin, Summer 2018 Supply Chain Intern
Hometown: Selinsgrove, PA

Bloomsburg, Supply Chain Management

I chose to intern with MI after learning more about the company and its values. Learning of MI’s multiple locations throughout the country was intriguing to me. I also really admired how MI gives back to the local community.

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Hunter, Summer 2018 Information Technology Intern
Hometown: Chambersburg, PA

Pennsylvania College of Technology, Information Systems

"Seeing that MI supports Homes For Our Troops really got me excited since I volunteered for the organization in high school. I like seeing that a company is willing to not only provide for its employees, but for its community as well.”

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Gunnar, Summer 2018 Supply Chain Intern
Hometown: Phoenix, AZ

Arizona State University, Supply Chain

"I enjoyed the projects that I received. The fact that there was always something to do and that each item related to my major made this an incredible experience.”

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Kailin, Summer 2018 Maintenance Intern
Hometown: Williamstown, PA

Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, Electrical Engineering

"My advice for future interns at MI would be: 'Don’t be scared and be ready to learn. I worked with a lot of guys that are really good at what they do and I think showing a willingness to learn makes everyone’s day a lot easier. If you show them you’re willing to learn,  they’ll show you patience and teach you how to do things."

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Kourtney, Summer 2018 Marketing Intern
Hometown: Mifflinburg, PA

Bloomsburg University, Public Relations

"I loved the freedom I had in my position to implement new approaches and dive into projects headfirst. The most rewarding experience was my involvement with the 20th annual MI Charitable Foundation Golf Outing. I'm so thankful I was able to be a small part of such a beautiful and impactful event.”

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Geneka, Summer 2018 Accounting Intern
Hometown: Selinsgrove, PA

Bloomsburg University, Accounting

"Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, so I liked getting to know everyone in my department. I learned a lot about the financial aspect of MI, including financial reporting, purchases, daily cash reporting, invoice processing, and departmental reporting. ”

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