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Thirty-five years.

That’s three and a half decades. By any measure, it’s a considerable length of time.

In roughly the same time, Alexander the Great was born, conquered the world, and died. In that same length of time, 13 colonies successfully turned against the greatest military force in the world, more than doubled their size, and started on their way to becoming the most powerful nation-state in the history of civilization.

In every generation, there are men and women who decide to water the ground at their feet. Who choose to stay and build a strong foundation, to create a heritage for the next generation. Who help to create a thriving enterprise, sometimes showing their flexibility by changing roles depending on where their expertise is needed.

These are the people whom we honor today. Below, you will find the chronicles of men and women who have worked at MI Windows and Doors for at least half of the company’s 70 year-history. In other words, they have dedicated their professional careers to making MI a successful company focused on manufacturing precision-built products and creating unmatched customer experiences. There are currently 43 team members who meet this criteria – including one who has worked here for 50 years.

At MI, we can proudly say that we manufacture some of the best windows and doors the fenestration industry has to offer, be they single-hung windows or double-hung windows, vinyl windows or aluminum windows, double-pane windows or triple-pane windows, slider windows or sliding-glass doors, or anything in between.

And how do we do it? By finding 100% committed team members who are full of integrity and creativity, like the ones we honor here. We could think of no better way to salute them than by letting them tell their stories.



Matt Sterpka

35 Years at MI  |  Quality Tech

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Richard "Sitch" Sitlinger

50 Years at MI  |  Maintenance

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Lenny Strohecker

41 Years at MI  |  Machinist/Tool & Die Maker

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Jeff Paradise

40 Years at MI  |  VP of Manufacturing and Extrusion

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Randy Alvord

39 Years at MI  |  Machine Shop Manager

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Nanida Alexander

36 Years at MI  |  Senior Buyer

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Jeff Henning Profile 

Jeff Henning

36 Years at MI  |  Glass Line

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Jim Miller Headshot 

Jim Miller

35 years at MI  |  Program Manager

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Jon Adams

35 Years at MI  |  Customer Care Representative

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Steve Morgan

35 Years at MI  |  Hegins General Manager

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Debra Clayton

35 Years at MI  |  Class 4 Lead

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